About Us

Digital Media Equipment is a specialist digital asset company, with a long history of building reputable online brands.  Our story dates to before the internet, working in traditional bricks and mortar industries to build manage and sell assets.

The Digital Media Equipment team embraced the creation of the Internet and all that it offers. Going on to build manage or sell digital brands that have truly helped shape industries.

We like to think that we are only just getting started.

What we do

What we do is simple, we look for unique opportunities in industries that need to reach the widest customer base possible and can benefit by providing an online solution.

Our mission

We want to bring people and digital media to create solutions that help businesses move forward.

Our driving principles

Customer experience

We put ourselves into the customers operating reality.


Our brands are built in collaboration with stakeholders, ensuring collective success


We deliver on what we promise


Always open and honest communication

Results matter

Rising to the challenge we get it done, to bring home the bacon.

How we grow

We grow through partnerships, affiliate networks, and rewarding our team.  We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure we are always moving forward to a bigger and better future.

We are we

Headquartered in Sydney NSW Australia, with offices in Adelaide SA, and Brisbane Queensland,  we’ve gone on to provide solutions around the world.

If you want to get in touch please don’t hesitate to contact us.